Crypto vocabulary words

HODL? BTFD? DeFi? Mining? P&D? | Crypto Speak Revealed On Radix Beacon

A Airdrop: A crypto airdrop is a marketing method employed by startups in the cryptocurrency space. It involves delivering bitcoins or tokens...
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Candle Graph

DeFi Platform Potential Radix vs Solana vs Avalanche Security | Scalability | Speed

Mike of Dollar Guide explains Defi and analyzes the effectiveness and future of Radix and compares it to Solana and Avalanche.
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Crypto Loans | Low Interest | No Bank | Fast Turnaround | Sounds Good…What Are the Risks?

From the beginnings of cryptocurrency in 2008 the growth has been incredible with a much broader adoption. In the past 5...
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Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer “To Understand the Metaverse, Look to Video Games”

Kara Swisher’s guest on Sway today was Phil Spencer, Xbox head discussed how the gaming industry is already peeking into the...
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Crypto Coins.Gold and Silver

What the heck is Cryptocurrency and why is it so popular?

Open google news or any news site and you’ll find lots of cryptocurrency articles. Crypto has taken the world by storm. A...
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