RADIX at CES 2022! | Showcasing Game-Changing DeFi Programming Language

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Fresh off the Alexandria release, which saw the first version of Scrypto, Radix’s game-changing DeFi programming language get into the hands of developers, we’re kicking off the next wave of awareness and growth.

From January 5th until January 8th, Radix made a prominent appearance at one of the biggest tech events in the world, CES 2022!

Members of the RDX Works team (the development team behind the Radix Public Network) showcased the revolutionary Scrypto programming language, as well as the full-stack of DeFi innovations Radix will provide to enable DeFi to thrive.

There was a very large, 20×20 foot booth in the FinTech sector of CES. So if you attended, or know someone who did, we hope you checked out booth 8977 and stopped by to say hi. They ran competitions at the booth 3 times a day with the opportunity to win one of eight M1 MacBook Pro’s.

Over 160,000 attendees from around the world attended CES this year, from technology enthusiasts, to VC, and journalists. The RDX Works team was there to make sure everyone will learn about DeFi, and how Radix is the only decentralized network where the $400 trillion global financial system will be able to thrive!

Live photos coming soon!


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