WHAT THE ZUCK? Artificial Intelligence Creates New Virtual Reality Worlds in the Metaverse|Will Facebook Alternate Universe Function Like Sandbox and Decentraland?

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Zuckerberg Virtual Reality Picnic
  • Edited by Barbara Drady
  • February 27, 2022

In a Facebook Live video this week, Mark Zuckerberg spoke about his goals for his metaverse.

The billionaire CEO of Meta explained that his metaverse will be accessible for everyone in the world. He said that the experience he’s creating will make you feel like you are actually in the virtual reality scenes you create.

Zuckerberg Virtual Reality Picnic
Zuckerberg demonstrated how you could create your own world in the metaverse Credit: Facebook
Virtual Reality Picnic in the Metaverse
Zuckerberg set up a metaverse picnic scenario Credit: Facebook

He told viewers that their experience of the metaverse will be different from anything they can experience today.

Meta is working on the next generation of artificially intelligent assistants that could help you create a virtual world exactly how you want it.

Zuckerberg said: “You experience it and move through it as if you were really there.”

The CEO then demonstrated how he imagines creating a metaverse world would happen.

He showed how his avatar could enter a blank metaverse and start creating a whole new scenario from nothing.

To do this, he spoke to an early concept version of a new AI assistant called Builder Bot.

He said: “Let’s go to the beach. Pretty good. Let’s add some clouds.”

All the things he said started appearing in the metaverse.

The visuals weren’t very high tech and looked like something out of the Sims but that’s something Meta will be working on.

Zuckerberg also asked for a table, waves, seagulls, and music so he could have his own tropical island picnic.

He said: “You’ll be able to create nuanced worlds with just your voice.”

The billionaire also stressed how much he wants people to feel secure in the metaverse and that his company would be keeping “human rights” in mind.

Picnic in the Metaverse
Meta’s Builder Bot was demonstrated in the presentation Credit: Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg just made new comments about the metaverse in a Facebook Live Credit: Facebook
Zuckerberg fencing in the Metaverse

The Meta CEO has previously demonstrated how he thinks life in the metaverse will be
Credit: Reuters

In other news, people are increasingly unable to tell apart fake faces made by AI and real ones, new research suggests.

via Charlotte Edwards, Technology and Science Reporter, The U.S. Sun